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Social Events for Preserving and Telling Stories on Video!

Video StoryTellers! services are affordable, entertaining and professional for individuals and groups, from retirement communities to social clubs, service clubs and organizations to churches and Hospices. Anywhere, with any group of members of mutual interests who gather and share moments in their lives.

Video StoryTellers! provides an excellent program for retirement center and leisure living community activities directors who seek entertaining presentations that also encourage social interaction between residents. This is a social event that can also be organized for family reunions and other major family, personal milestone event celebrations - professionally preserving unique stories shared today for reliving tomorrow, just as they were told.

Video StoryTellers! provides for preservation of stories through videotaping, production, DVD distribution and website hosting for people, in a “Social Event” as well as for individuals. These productions result in entertaining audio/visual narratives. Some VST Associates may offer live streaming.

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